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8/07 - CCaaS: How to Take Advantage of Cloud Contact Center for Your Organization

Cheryl Odee Helm  (Contact Centre Consultant, Helm Communications, Inc.)

Date: Friday, August 7

Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm

Session Category: Premium Seminars

Vault Recording: TBD

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Contact center as a service (CCaaS), or cloud contact center, has been around since the early 2000s, yet only in the past few years have vendors’ offerings become more reasonably priced for the mid-market, mature in their feature sets, more reliable, and able to support integrations to various third-party applications (customer relationship management, workforce management, quality assurance, knowledge management). Also, in the last few years, the number of vendors has increased, along with steady adoption from small to large organizations embarking on CCaaS.

As became readily apparent during the rapid transition of many agents from contact centers to working from home during the pandemic, the promises of CCaaS include:

  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Easier and faster deployment
  • Ability to ramp agent licenses and capacity up or down quickly
  • Ability to buy features a la carte or bundled
  • Steady stream of upgrades whose costs are usually included in the license and often entail no outages
  • Access to advanced features like speech and data analytics, custom reporting, artificial intelligence, and outbound campaigns — without a huge upfront investment

In this two-hour seminar, Cheryl Helm, a leading contact center consultant, will discuss whether the promise of CCaaS has come to fruition. She’ll also outline the differences in implementing a cloud versus a premises-based solution, discuss which architecture can better support integrated or omnichannel customer experience, and explore whether applications for agents, supervisors, and administrators are easier to use in a cloud or premises-based solution.

In addition, Cheryl will review the pricing considerations for a CCaaS and how pricing varies from vendor to vendor, along with the sometimes “hidden” costs that are often overlooked when reviewing the offering. A proper review, documentation, and discussion of current state to future state is important for any successful implementation, premises or cloud, along with proper training. This session will provide insight into how to set expectations with potential CCaaS vendors during your discovery process, as well as how to assure you’ll be receiving the proper training / education from your provider for any implementation.

  • An understanding of the elements to consider when evaluating TCO of cloud versus an on-premises solution
  • Pricing considerations often neglected for CCaaS and premises-based solutions
  • Considerations for implementing cloud compared to an on-premises solution
  • Some of the differences in creating an integrated or truly omnichannel customer experience in a cloud compared to an on-premises solution
  • Which platform type delivers advanced features such as speech and data analytics, custom reporting, AI, and outbound campaigns — cost-effectively
  • Potential differences in user (agent, supervisor, administrator) adoption of a cloud versus a premises system
  • Considerations for integration between the business and the contact center, for seamless communications between business users and contact center agents
  • Elements of a proper discovery session for current to future state
  • Essential characteristics of sound education / training (agent, supervisor, administrator) that are key to a successful implementation