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8/21 - Practical Post-Pandemic Strategies for Success

Marty Parker  (Principal, UniComm Consulting LLC Co-founder UCStrategies.com, UniComm Consulting)

Date: Friday, August 21

Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm

Session Category: Premium Seminars

Vault Recording: TBD

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There’s no going back after this pandemic crisis. Things have changed, and many of them won’t ever go back to “normal.”

What’s more, this crisis has spurred enterprises of all types to re-examine their operations. Which processes must change? Which can remain the same? Has this crisis changed customer expectations and behaviors? What changes will the workforce require?

These questions are going to put pressure on enterprise IT communications teams, but bring opportunities, as well. Are you ready?

In this two-hour seminar, a leading UC consultant will thoroughly explore these questions and provide a strategic planning guidebook that includes decision-making tools, logical flowcharts of your options, and detailed reviews of the essential areas that will demand your attention. With this essential guidance, you’ll be well-prepared to support your organization’s success in this major transformation.

This seminar will address the following:
  • What has changed for enterprises due to the coronavirus crisis?
  • What types of plans has corporate leadership put in place in response to this crisis? - How can the communications team partner with operating departments?
  • How will post-pandemic changes impact communications team and services?
  • What are the impacts and opportunities in each of these areas?
  • How do we adapt to remote work and remote worker communications? And, how do we identify who will be working remotely and who won’t? - Can we leverage user’s mobile devices and consumer technologies? - What cloud-based services are worth leveraging? - What does this do to our communications network topology? - How will safety and security systems and procedures be impacted? - Can we benefit from increased automation in the post-pandemic state? - Where do we look for simplification? Do we have the opportunity to de-commission any services or equipment? - What impact will the post-pandemic changes have on communications budgets? - What data do we have to support post-pandemic planning? - What metrics will prove post-pandemic success?
  • How much of this change should be managed by the internal enterprise communications team vs. via contractors?
  • What pitfalls should we avoid in planning and technology responses?

At the end of this seminar you’ll be equipped with knowledge you need to optimize your strategic planning, increase the probability of your post-pandemic success, and leverage your team’s skill and your enterprise’s assets to produce great new results.