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8/28 - Communications & Collaboration Security

Sorell Slaymaker  (Principal Consulting Analyst, TechVision Research)

Date: Friday, August 28

Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm

Session Category: Premium Seminars

Vault Recording: TBD

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Is your Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or other UC/UCaaS platform secure enough for all of your enterprise communications and collaboration needs?

UC applications can be the hardest to secure within an enterprise. UC clients, APIs, and services need a full security suite to ensure an enterprise stays secure. Too many enterprises attempt to apply standard application security measures to UC applications, limiting what users can do and still leaving enterprises exposed to complex UC security challenges. Security managers and architects generally understand standard web applications, but not all the nuances of UC security, and UC managers and architects often lack sophisticated security knowledge.

UC/UCaaS is difficult to secure because users are everywhere, there are unique privacy and technology requirements, and identity spoofing is on the rise in terms of caller ID and even voice spoofing.

Conventional IP security products (such as firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems) were not designed with these kinds of real-time communications in mind—leaving organizations vulnerable to security threats. When introducing UC platforms, IT teams must craft new strategies and identify new security solutions to protect and control real-time communications flows. Session border controllers (SBCs), for example, are designed to overcome the unique security challenges enterprises typically encounter when introducing VoIP/SIP.

In this two-hour seminar, a leading communications security expert will offer advice on developing a strong security posture for your enterprise’s UC systems. Participants will come away with a UC security reference architecture and actions that they can take to ensure their enterprises put in place appropriate measures for keeping communications and collaboration secure.

This seminar will deliver:
  • A review of the UC security reference architecture - Understand the different levels of security controls needed in your UC environment - Discover the concrete actions you can take to improve your current UC/UCaaS security posture - Apply additional UC security controls for users working remotely
  • Detailed explanations of a range of security technologies for enterprise UC, including: - Encryption - Multifactor authentication - Zero trust networking - Watermarking for content and conference calls - Best practices for maintaining a high level of UC security, such as monitoring, correlating, and alerting on UC security events across your organization
  • Guidance on how to incorporate UC security into the overall enterprise security and cybersecurity architecture and operations. UC architects and managers will be able to articulate their unique challenges and solutions for UC security to their CISO and others on the security team.

You’ll come away from this seminar better able to tackle the unique security challenges of today’s UC systems.