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The Enterprise Connect expert-led conference program will discuss the latest systems, software, services and applications for enterprise communications and collaboration. The conference is designed with one objective in mind: To help you optimize your investments in communications and collaboration systems, software and services.

AI Based Meeting Assistants: How Much Can They Help?


Brent Kelly  (President and Principal Analyst, KelCor, Inc.)

Date: Monday, September 27

Time: 11:45am - 12:30pm

Pass Type: Entire Event

Track : Practical AI

Session Type: Conference Breakout Sessions

Vault Recording: TBD

AI is improving the meeting experience for users of collaboration platforms—features like real-time transcription, captioning, translation, and highlighting are available now in some applications. This in turn lays the groundwork for features such as search and post-meeting analytics. It also enables smart meeting assistants designed to improve our performance and efficiency. So what capabilities are being built on top of these foundations, and how might they improve the meeting (and post-meeting) experience? Will we see “user assist” features capable of helping everyday collaboration users, similar to how “agent assist” can help a contact center agent respond better in the moment? Will everyone have a personal 24/7 AI-enabled assistant to help in a variety of situations? In this session, an industry expert on AI will lead a panel of technology providers through a discussion of what’s available now, what’s on the roadmap, and what’s really working, and what is more hype than reality. You’ll come away with a clearer understanding of what your collaboration platforms will be able to do, to intelligently help your users have more productive meetings.


  • What AI-driven features are currently “table stakes” for collaboration applications? Which are widely used by employees?
  • What will the next generation of AI-driven meeting features include?
  • Is the concept of real-time AI meeting assistance—comparable to contact center agent assist—feasible (and desirable) for users of collaboration platforms?
  • Is there near-term potential for AI-based personal assistants, capable of acting on a user’s calendar, documents, meetings and environment to streamline the user’s workflow, make them more productive, and even offer suggestions for having better lives?