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AI in the Contact Center from Pilots to Mainstream

Sheila McGee-Smith  (Founder & Principal Analyst, McGee-Smith Analytics)

Dan Miller  (Lead Analyst/Founder, Opus Research)

Date: Monday, August 3

Time: 2:00pm - 2:45pm

Session Category: Standard Conference Sessions

Vault Recording: TBD

Even before the pandemic of 2020, the C-Suite had commanded and contact centers were responding by accelerating plans to deploy “Artificial Intelligence” to identify callers, recognize their intent, match them with the right agent or resource and do so through bots or automated virtual agents. Spiking demand and a shift to work-at-home agents stepped-up AI deployment plans even more.

In this session, two leading analysts - one in in Conversational Commerce and one in Contact Center – will discuss how companies deployed these two technologies to (mostly) successfully meet the unprecedented demands brought on by the business environment created by COVID-19.


  • Make sense of the many names for “AI”, like predictive analytics, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
  • Discover the paths from multiple “chatbots” to multichannel, digital Intelligent Assistants
  • Learn what solution providers and companies got right as they moved quickly to fill service needs
  • Understand what we learned that can help AI be even more successful in the contact center going forward

Video of this session is available on demand within the Swapcard platform for registered users. Free registration is open through December 2020.