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Best Practices In Securing Unified Communications

Sorell Slaymaker (Consultant, AT&T Consulting)

Location: Sun B

Date: Monday, March 18

Time: 9:00am - 9:45am

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Track: Management & Security

Technical Level: High

Hot Topics: Security / Compliance

Session Type: Conference

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Audience Level: High

Unified Communications (UC) applications can be among the hardest enterprise applications to secure. UC clients, APIs, and services need a full security suite, yet too many enterprises attempt to simply apply standard application security measures, which limit what users can do while still leaving the enterprise exposed to the complex UC security challenges. Dealing with this challenge is complicated by the fact that security managers and architects understand standard web applications, but not all the nuances of UC, while UC managers and architects often lack a sophisticated security understanding. In this session, a leading industry analyst/consultant will frame the challenges of UC security including over the top video and persistent team chat applications and how to overcome them; discuss emerging risks; and describe solutions that can be applied to UC applications on a broad basis. You’ll come away with a detailed understanding of the UC risks and how to mitigate them.

* How, specifically, do UC applications create risk of data loss, back doors into the network, user tracking, and even blackmail and other social engineering?
* How exactly do peer-to-peer architectures, UDP transport for media, APIs, and other elements of a UC system create security risks or require potentially performance-impacting security measures?
* What role do encryption, zero-trust architecture, identity services, and other measures play in crafting a UC security plan?
* Who should UC decision-makers turn to for help in addressing the new security challenges, both within the enterprise and from the vendor world?

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