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Breaking Down Enterprise Barriers to Improve Customer Experience

Chris Marron (Analyst, MZA)

Date: Monday, March 18

Time: 8:00am - 8:45am

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Track: Contact Center & Customer Experience

Technical Level: Low

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Low

The digital revolution is changing the way enterprises manage customer engagement. New systems promise ever-more precise and accurate customer insights and journey analytics, but to be truly effective, this data must be available and actionable across the entire organization--sales, marketing, operations, the contact center, and more. Enterprises that retain the legacy divide between customer care and the rest of the enterprise risk sub-par customer experience (CX) and lost revenue opportunities. In this session, an analyst from a leading global research firm, joined by a panel of experts, will help you understand how to break down the barriers and leverage contact center-generated data to produce real improvements in CX.

* What opportunities and challenges does your enterprise face, given the multiple stakeholders responsible for customer experience in a modern digital organization?
* How should analytics and AI support the delivery of meaningful insights to the entire enterprise and enable a seamless and personalized customer journey experience?
* What role should your vendor/service provider play in ensuring high-quality customer experience? How has this changed in the past 24 months?
* How is the role and definition of the “agent” changing in the age of digital customer experience? How is this changing the way organizations acquire and consume technology?
* What does market data show with regard to the customer care market transition, according to the latest vendor and analyst insights?