Building Your Holistic UC/CC Business Case and Plan


Stephen Leaden (President, Leaden Associates)

Location: Osceola B

Date: Wednesday, March 14

Time: 1:30pm - 2:45pm

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Track: Unified Communications & Collaboration

Vault Recording: TBD

Taking a strategic view of your communications/collaboration environment may be the key to funding new projects or meeting new business requirements in innovative ways.

New technologies around the customer experience and advanced collaboration promise next-gen capabilities for your enterprise, but getting the funding for such enhancements is likely to be a challenge. The best means is often to approach the issue more strategically, and look at your entire enterprise environment to see where you can capture large savings that can be dedicated to targeted high-impact projects. Furthermore, this type of holistic view may also help you come up with new and innovative ways of meeting business requirements that your enterprise may face.

This session offers a unique interactive format to help you engage in this type of strategic thinking. A consultant who has successfully employed this strategy will offer his advice on how to approach and scope such a holistic project, and then he will involve the audience members in an interactive exercise: Given a business need or challenge, “What would you do?” to address it within real-world constraints. Audience members will team up to discuss possible solutions that they will then share with the group.

The presentation and exercise will focus on four key areas:
* UC/contact center convergence
* ROI challenges
* Deployment of new features and functions
* Decision-making around legacy technology deployments

You’ll come away from this session with a clear idea of how to make new projects and business transformation a reality for your organization, within the real-world constraints you face.

* What kinds of new features are most in demand from contact center managers and line of business decision-makers, when it comes to communications/collaboration capabilities? What kinds of new costs can they represent?
* What types of projects offer the best opportunities for cost savings?
* Where are the “hidden costs” in legacy networks, and what do you need to do in order to flush these out?
* How do you craft a comprehensive plan that your management will approve and that you can be confident will deliver the ROI you need to show?