Communications & Collaboration Platforms 2022: Is the Transition Underway?

Tim Banting (Principal Analyst, GlobalData)

Date: Monday, March 18

Time: 8:00am - 8:45am

Track: Communications & Collaboration 2022

Technical Level: Low

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Low

Enterprises are beginning to seek new platforms for productivity, a theme that has accelerated through 2018 and will gather momentum at least through 2022. This re-platforming will not be a flash-cut: PBX lifecycles are being extended, and vendors are offering hybrid interoperability with new team collaboration platforms. However enterprises are taking steps to begin the migration from the legacy PBX to the new collaboration platforms, which offer new opportunities for integration with other apps and services, to bolster both personal and team productivity.

Given these trends, what will collaboration and communication solutions look like in 2022 and why? In this session, a leading industry analyst will discuss how much of a future your current platform has, and what platform will replace it (if any). You’ll come away better equipped to plan your strategic migration away from the legacy systems of the past, with a realistic idea of where you are likely to end up in three years—and beyond.

* Will your platform be 100% cloud-based in three years? What if any role will legacy PBXs still play?
* How will AI be used to augment your platform?
* How will you be weighing best-of-breed/suite vs. single-vendor considerations?
* What role will mobility play in your platform in three years?
* How will synchronous and asynchronous collaboration tools be deployed in comparison to the past? Will they be part of a single strategy?
* Will your strategic platform in 2022 include both B2B (internal) and B2C (external) communications? What evidence do we have that this convergence is already underway, and why is it important?