EC Theater Session: Fueling Enterprise AI with Communications Data

Sponsor Speaker:

Keith Johnson (CTO, Fuze)

Location: Enterprise Connect Theater

Date: Monday, March 12

Time: 4:05pm - 4:25pm

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Track: Open to All

Vault Recording: Audio-Only


What does connecting the digital workforce in 2018 and beyond mean? It is more than simply powering voice, video, and messaging across offices and oceans, no matter if your team is made up of full time workers or independent contractors. The most successful companies today use data to get ahead. Think of Netflix, Amazon, Google. Learn how an end-to-end platform provides the foundation for AI and automation in workplace communications. In this presentation, Keith Johnson, CTO of Fuze, will share insight and advanced visualizations of the following:


Usage of any new technology is critical to its success.
Understand the metrics across departments, regions, etc.
that offer key insight into behavior impacting decisions
as diverse as facilities and shadow IT.


It is commonly accepted that companies with engaged
employees enjoy a significant competitive advantage in the
market. Most companies will distribute employee surveys to
gain insight into this critical metric, but these suffer
from a number of known flaws (e.g. self reporting). What
if we could directly measure employee engagement and then
compare engagement across various segments of the employee population?


The core of any relationship is the interactions between
the people involved. Rather than rely on self-reporting,
uncover the true interactions between your company and a
prospect, customer, vendor, consultant, etc. no matter if
they are external to your organization.