Hackathon Spotlight: Programmable Communications is for Everyone


Alan Quayle (Owner, TADHack)


Bruno Harger Alves (Winner, TADHack)

Steffen Camarato (Winner, TADHack)

Koushik Chatterjee (Winner, TADHack)

Hunter Henry (Winner, TADHack)

Vikki Horn (Winner, TADHack)

Nicolas Jaramillo (Winner, TADHack)

Travis Konarik (Winner, TADHack)

Jeremiah Lantzer (Winner, TADHack)

Conner Luzier (Winner, TADHack)

Muntaser Jems Syed (Winner, TADHack)

Mathew Tanner (Winner, TADHack)

Giancarlos Toro (Winner, TADHack)

Chris Woodle (Winner, TADHack)

Location: Osceola B

Date: Monday, March 12

Time: 3:15pm - 4:00pm

Pass type: Entire Event - Get your pass now!

Track: APIs & Embedded Communications

Hot Topic: Digital Transformation

Vault Recording: TBD

Meet the hackers (they’re just like you and me) and see what they created in just a couple days at TADHack mini Orlando, the weekend before the show.

For the second year in a row, TADHack mini Orlando took place the weekend before Enterprise Connect. It brings together a rich diversity of people, across the EC18 audience and the Orlando community, anyone from students to IT managers, from computer programmers to marketing folks. TADHack participants collaborate on software projects that focus on using programmable communications to solve problems that matter to them. This session gives you a chance to see what this year’s crop of hacks delivered. The winners will pitch their hacks, giving you a close-up look at how they used the technologies to create new capabilities and integrations.