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Has Transformation Finally Arrived for Communications & Collaboration?

Beth Schultz (Editor / Program Co-Chair, No Jitter / Enterprise Connect)

Jim Burton (Founder & CEO / Co-Founder, C-T Link / BCStrategies)

Lorrissa Horton (VP/GM Webex Teams, Cisco)

Smita Hashim (Director - Product Management, Google)

Date: Monday, March 30

Time: 10:15am - 11:00am

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Track: Keynotes & General Sessions

Vault Recording: TBD

Transformative technologies including cloud, ubiquitous video, team collaboration, and advanced contact centers seem finally to be making their power felt in enterprise communications and collaboration. These technology transformations are also driving new relationships between enterprises and their communications/collaboration vendors—and among the vendors themselves. So how do you make sure that your organization’s strategy is the right one to see your enterprise through the changes that lie ahead, within the environment where those changes will occur?

In this session, top executives from leading strategic vendors will discuss and debate the best way for enterprises to chart a course through the disruption that’s moved from vision to reality in the industry. They’ll reveal their companies’ positions on such key questions as:

* Interoperability: Are walled gardens really going away as vendors promise greater interoperability than ever before? How can enterprises test interoperability promises against implementation realities?

* Best-of-breed vs. Single vendor: Will the greater influence of end user choice drive the enterprise buying decision away from platforms, to best-of-breed choices at a departmental or other level? Or will we see more single-vendor decisions, as the major platform vendors begin offering a full suite of offerings from their cloud services?

* Emerging Technology: How real is AI and what are its implications for various communications/collaboration functions? Is video becoming a more powerful decision driver than voice in enterprise procurements?

* User interfaces: How important is the application—presumably team collaboration—in serving as a gateway to the communications/collaboration platform? Can the vendor “own” the end user by owning this relationship with them?

You’ll come away from this conversation with a better strategic view on the industry, to help you plan the future for your enterprise.