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How Cost Factors Affect Your Cloud Migration

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Track: Cloud Communications
Hot Topic: Organization & Management
Recording: TBD

Moving to the cloud will likely change the cost structures around many aspects of your enterprise’s communications environment. Find out how to plan for and deal with these changes.

Your move to the cloud can have some major costs due to planning, infrastructure integrations, identity management, security reviews, procedure revisions, new devices and phones, system testing, rollout, and taxes. The good news is that there are ways to minimize these upfront costs, reduce your risks, and to shorten the time to a successful rollout. This session will lay out the approaches that many UC as a Service (UCaaS) vendors are proposing and then suggest ways to reduce the costs, time and risks for the steps in those processes.


* What are the steps most likely required for a move of UC to a UCaaS cloud service?

* What are the major costs, risks and delays associated with each of these steps?

* What can we do internally to prepare for and then to manage these steps?

* How can we manage the UCaaS vendor(s) to minimize our costs, risks, and time?

* How will this affect our IT operations and staffing, both during and after the move to UCaaS?

Speaker: Marty Parker, Principal Consultant, UniComm Consulting