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How Emerging Technologies Challenge Realtime Performance Over IP

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Track: Systems Management & Network Design
Recording: TBD

Voice and video deployments are growing more complex, and the job of delivering high-quality performance still falls on you. Get the latest information on how to make it all work.

It can be challenging enough to run voice and video over IP networks under “normal” conditions (if there is such a thing). But the environment is growing more complex, even as new technologies on the network side promise better performance. This session will give you a comprehensive overview of the most common issues that impact voice and video quality on IP networks. We’ll start with a review of current conditions and challenges, and then will look ahead to the emerging technologies that will complicate your network performance—as well as those innovations that (it’s hoped) might be able to help you improve that performance. Among the technologies whose impact we’ll examine: Cloud (especially in hybrid Cloud-CPE scenarios); SD-WAN; voice running over the open Internet; voice over WiFi. We’ll conclude with an examination of emerging concepts such as Intent-based Networking and Network Automation, which potentially could help you with your management challenges. You’ll come away from this session with a stronger understanding of the challenges to network performance, old and new, as well as the technologies that may transform the underlying network itself.


* How do you make sure you understand what types of traffic exist on your network, and what impact they’re having on each other? How do you make sure QoS is being applied consistently?

* How do you monitor, measure, and troubleshoot realtime application performance on a Cloud or Hybrid Cloud deployment—when much of the service is outside your immediate control?

* What challenges to network performance can an SD-WAN deployment present, and how do you deal with this?

* Can you run voice traffic on basic Internet links and achieve acceptable quality?

* What is Intent-based Networking, and how might it change your IP network? When are you likely to feel its impact?

* How much of the function of network management will be automated in the next few years? Does AI/Analytics have a role to play in network management software?