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How to Deal with API Proliferation

  • Mark Winther | Group Vice President and Consulting Partner, Worldwide Telecommuncations, IDC
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Track: APIs & Embedded Communications
Recording: TBD

A leading global telecom analyst addresses the problem of API proliferation and shares tips on how to put together a smart API strategy.

As the openness and integration trends pick up steam, enterprise organizations are going to find themselves using untold numbers of communications APIs. Unchecked, rampant growth can lead to a variety of issues, including cost inefficiencies, security risks, performance inconsistencies, and management challenges. With good oversight and sound planning, enterprises can get ahead of the proliferation problem. Learn what to look for and how to craft a smart API strategy in this session with a leading global telecom analyst.


*As API use proliferates across an enterprise, what challenges arise in managing APIs?

*How important is it to focus on ease of use for app developers?

*How important is it to maintain consistent security policies and protect against cyberthreats with APIs?

*What issues relate to automated testing and deployment?

*Are there sufficient tools and analytics to gain better insights into API usage and performance?