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How to Help Employees Get the Most from WFH

Jim Kelly  (Analyst/Consultant, RECON Research)

Date: Tuesday, August 4

Time: 2:45pm - 3:30pm

Session Category: Standard Conference Sessions

Vault Recording: TBD

Enterprises and workers alike are trying to strike a balance between, “Work from Home” and “Work from the Office.” This is especially difficult in a world where the associated challenges, concerns, and risks seem to change on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis. But one thing is crystal clear – for quite some time, more people will be working from home more often.

In the early stages of the crisis, companies and employees did what had to be done to keep their people connected. From a communication technology standpoint, this meant making fast decisions and purchases that were good-enough for the short-term. The next step is to properly equip these workers for success.

In this session, the leading analysts in the video / collaboration space will provide advice and recommendations for equipping, training, and supporting the longer-term home workers. You will learn about best practices for video-enabling those working from home, how to keep residential distractions from impacting meetings, and how to budget for long-term WFH deployments. You will come away better able to help your home workers not just cope, but succeed and be satisfied with their experience


  • What must you provide each home worker to ensure they look professional in all their video meetings?
  • What best practices must home workers follow to optimize their meeting experience?
  • What do people (colleagues, customers, and prospects) really expect from home workers? Do home workers have to present themselves as if they were in the office?
  • What have the past several months taught us about what’s really achievable in supporting home workers?
  • How can one measure and control the costs associated with equipping the home worker?

Video of this session is available on demand within the Swapcard platform for registered users. Free registration is open through December 2020.