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How to prepare your Business for Hybrid Work


Cynthia Johnson  (Co-Founder and CEO, Bell + Ivy)

Date: Wednesday, September 29

Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Session Type: Video Discussion Group (Virtual)

Vault Recording: TBD


Since early 2020, businesses worldwide have been forced to cope with significant
disruption. While this has certainly created challenges, many business leaders also agree that the sudden mainstream switch to remote work caused by the COVID 19 pandemic has provided an indelible insight into the opportunities of hybrid working they may not have seen otherwise.

Today, many business leaders are embracing a permanent shift to hybrid working, but to make the model truly successful in the mid to long-term we need to learn from experience to date. In particular - the pain points of remote working. It’s only then that business leaders can prepare and invest in the technology needed to make a confident and successful shift to a fully optimized hybrid model that works for businesses and employees alike.

Join the live Zoom event hosted by Cynthia Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO, Bell + Ivy on behalf of the global audio brand, EPOS, where we discuss and talk about how you can prepare your business for hybrid work.
Some of the questions we’ll address includes
• What do businesses need – from your experience – to succeed in the Hybrid Work?
• What lessons have been learned by business about hybrid work in the last 18-months?
• What are some of the benefits and challenges of the model?
• How can businesses support their employees besides good audio equipment? What essentials are needed?
• How can businesses manage the balance between employee productivity and risk of burnout?
• What technologies are essential for Hybrid Work?

And much more...