IoT: Market, Players & Opportunities


Michael Finneran (President, dBrn Associates)


Andrew Prokop (Director of Emerging Technologies, Arrow SI)

Joe Mosele (VP-IoT Solutions, AT&T)

Su Le (Practice Lead, Cisco)

Richard Tworek (VP of Next Generation Technology, GM of CloudLink, Mitel)

Location: Osceola B

Date: Tuesday, March 13

Time: 1:45pm - 2:45pm

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Track: Systems Management & Network Design

Hot Topic: Internet of Things (IoT)

Vault Recording: TBD

You may have great ideas for how IoT can benefit your enterprise. But how do you go about turning that vision into reality?

Benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) can range from hard dollar savings due to increased efficiency or reduced maintenance, up to loftier goals like improved health care, greater energy efficiency and smart cities initiatives. IoT doesn’t want for technology, but what it really needs is the realistic business models and comprehensive project management that will produce tangible payoffs for government and enterprise. We have seen plenty of closed solutions with targeted benefits like OnStar, but to take IoT to the next level, what we really need are industry players who can actually envision, assemble and deliver the solutions. So how exactly will IoT solutions come to market, and how should governments and enterprises evaluate the available options in order to find the elements and providers that match their needs? In this session, a panel of IoT experts will share their views about the current status of the IoT market, and who will be the key players going forward. You’ll come away with a clearer idea of how the IoT marketplace may evolve to let you turn your ideas into solutions that can deliver the benefits you’re aiming for.


* What will it take for far-reaching IoT applications like smart cities to take off? What forces will get these initiatives moving?

* What companies or service providers are going to take the lead on the all-important job of project management to integrate IoT endpoints, network services and back office systems to deliver truly functional solutions?

* What security issues remain with IoT, and how are the market players addressing these concerns?

* Any number of new transmission technologies are being proposed for IoT, but as IoT applications are integrated with communications systems, how will enterprises ensure appropriate levels of performance?