Mobile Strategies To Finally Eliminate the Desk Phone

Michael Finneran (President, dBrn Associates)

Date: Monday, March 18

Time: 8:00am - 8:45am

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Track: Unified Communications

Technical Level: Low

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Audience Level: Low

Since the advent of the cell phone and its phenomenal uptake in the enterprise, many users have wondered why we can’t simply eliminate the PBX and use mobile exclusively. While we may not be at a transition point yet, we are starting to see service provider offerings—from traditional telcos, UCaaS providers, and others--that will meet the needs of certain classes of users or “mobile use cases.” However, the challenge becomes understanding what each of these offerings provides, what its limitations are, and which use cases could benefit from the service.

This session is designed to bring you up to speed on what’s been going on in the way of enterprise-oriented mobile services, how the major classes of these offerings compare, and what use cases might best be addressed by each.

* Who’s got what in the enterprise mobility space?
* What are the UC&C and UCaaS providers, and has this changed dramatically?
* Are the mobility options different for premises-based versus cloud-based UC&C?
* What are the Tier 1 mobile operators offering for enterprise mobility?
* What are the cost implications?
* How do mobile device management/enterprise mobility management (MDM/EMM) solutions impact these solutions?
* What are the trade-offs involved in delivering an acceptable user experience?