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Mobility 2021: Preparing for the (Even More) Mobile Enterprise

Pass type: Entire Event - Get your pass now!
Track: Communications & Collaboration 2021
Hot Topic: Mobility
Recording: TBD

As important as the past several years have been in making mobility a dominant mode of communications, the next few years will be at least as consequential, if not more. Users will only grow more dependent on their mobile devices, while the cellular operators--facing market saturation on the consumer side--will have new incentive to come up with enterprise-focused offerings. And emerging technologies will be arriving to enable those new offerings—on the technology side, everything from 5G to small cells to continued WiFi improvements; and on the application side, uses ranging from customer service to Internet of Things (IoT).

In this session, a leading Mobility analyst will describe the emerging mobile technologies that will be in play by 2021, and how their availability and adoption will affect your enterprise communications environment. You’ll come away with an understanding of what new technologies are likely to be generally available within three years, and what you’ll be able to do with them.


* How widely deployed will 5G networks be by 2021? What impact will 5G have on my enterprise, and what should we be doing now to prepare for it?

* How might increased use of team and social collaboration tools impact enterprise mobile usage? Will more enterprise video traffic be running at least partially over wireless networks?

* Is it safe to assume IoT adoption will be widespread in many enterprises by 2021, and if so, how will IoT transform my communications environment?

* Will the demand for mobile substitution drastically reduce the number of desk phones and PC-based softphones my enterprise needs to support? What do I need to know to be prepared to support mobile substitution?

* What new developments can we expect in Wi-Fi? What will the next generation of 802.11 standards enable?