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Moving from a CapEx to an OpEx Model for UC Collaboration

John Bartlett (Sr. Business Development Director, Professional and Managed Services, Poly)

Mike Kuch (Sr. Director, Product Management, Avaya)

Amit Raut (Sr-Global Product Manager (Univerge 3C), NEC)

Michael Kozlowski (VP Product Management, West Corporation)

Location: Sun B

Date: Wednesday, March 20

Time: 4:00pm - 4:45pm

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Track: Strategic Leadership

Technical Level: Low

Hot Topics: Decision Support

Session Type: Conference

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Low

Moving an application like UC to the Cloud often means moving from a CapEx purchasing model to an OpEx purchasing model. There are a number of attractive reasons for the enterprise to consider this move, and your vendors may (or may not) be able to provide the support or offers that will get you there. An OpEx approach may simplify internal accounting, cross-charging or cost management efforts; likewise it may shift the technology risk from the enterprise to the vendor where it is better handled by technical and process experts. And simplification of the technology management means the enterprise team can focus on how to leverage the technology for desired outcomes rather than focusing on just keeping things running.

This session looks at the different components of the CapEx-to-OpEx change, including how it affects the corporate financials, but also what happens with the technology risk, the technology adoption risk and the uncertainty of how well the technology addresses the true needs of the enterprise.

* What are the pros and cons to each funding approach?
* How does an OpEx purchase help mitigate the technology risk?
* What is the value of having collaboration assets off of the Enterprise books?
* How can this help me drive down the cost of UC within my company?

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