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Planning the Lifecycle of a UCaaS Project

  • Dave Stein | President, Stein Technology Consulting
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Track: Cloud Communications
Hot Topic: Decision Support
Recording: TBD

A step-by-step walk through everything you need to do to evaluate, plan, and execute a potential UCaaS migration for some or all of your sites.

This 2 hour-45 minute workshop will provide you with a detailed, step-by-step roadmap that you can follow when determining the need, projecting ROI, planning, procuring, and executing the elements of a cloud/hybrid UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) project. A consultant with extensive experience in real-world UCaaS projects will give an in-depth explanation of what you and your teams need to do in order to make the right choice about UCaaS for your enterprise. You’ll come away with a wealth of information and understanding that you can take back to your teams.

Part I
1. What problems are we trying to solve? (I.e. Why are we doing the project?)
* Management told me to
* Flexibility – Growth/Reduction in size and features
* Features (UC, team collab, CC) – can’t get on existing system or may not want to spend any more money with them
* Cost – Too expensive to keep operating/support
* Reliability
* Lack of Support/EOL
* Management/SLA

2. ROI/TCO – Does Project move forward?
* Hard Calculations
--Supporting infrastructure (cabling, network, IDF)
--Annual maintenance of the phone system?
--Monthly Audio/Video/Web Conferencing costs?
--Monthly Trunking, Toll/Long distance/International Calling costs?
--Contact center costs
--Support costs (personnel)
--Onetime costs (implementation, training, maybe phones)
* Soft Calculations
--UC/Team Collab Productivity
--Travel avoidance
--Opportunity Costs

Part II
3. Starting Point
* Is supporting infrastructure in place? Important for very old (TDM) systems (Cabling, network, POE)
* Security
* Options to improve:
--Assume there is a serviceable system in place, keep core voice + looking to add UC features (Hybrid?)
--Or Wholesale replacement (Maybe both approaches of prem and cloud)
* Contact Center?
* UC vs. Team Collab
* How much web conferencing, video?

4. How to procure?
* RFP or other Comparison?
* Questionnaire (Review 4 or 5 page Questionnaire)

5. Which vendors to use in comparison?
* Microsoft
--Assume some level of MS licensing exists?
* Mitel
* Broadsoft vendor
* Cisco – Problematic – Spark immature for voice, need HCS vendor?
* UCaaS vendors

6. What approach to use?
* Heterogeneous or Best of Breed to add cloud based UC (Hybrid)
* Wholesale replace Public Cloud (Private Cloud)
* What are the differences?
--Team Collab
--Actual Hybrid functionality (homogeneous/heterogeneous)
* Who is gaining share? (MS, Cisco, Broadsoft)
--How to do Apples to Apples
--Professional Services

7. Review Results/Comparisons
* This section will feature a review of a detailed examination and comparison of leading vendors

8. Vendor Panel to discuss