Planning the Lifecycle of a UCaaS Project


Dave Stein (President, Stein Technology Consulting)


Chris Stegh (CTO and VP of Strategy, Enabling Technologies)

Ryan Smith (Director of Product Marketing Cloud Solutions, Mitel)

Jeff Savage (Vice President of Sales, Vonage)

Location: Sun D

Date: Monday, March 12

Time: 2:15pm - 5:00pm

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Track: Cloud Communications

Hot Topic: Decision Support

Vault Recording: TBD

A step-by-step walk through everything you need to do to evaluate, plan, and execute a potential UCaaS migration for some or all of your sites.

This 2 hour-45 minute workshop will provide you with a detailed, step-by-step roadmap that you can follow when determining the need, projecting ROI, planning, procuring, and executing the elements of a cloud/hybrid UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) project. A consultant with extensive experience in real-world UCaaS projects will give an in-depth explanation of what you and your teams need to do in order to make the right choice about UCaaS for your enterprise. You’ll come away with a wealth of information and understanding that you can take back to your teams.

Part I
1. What problems are we trying to solve? (I.e. Why are we doing the project?)
* Management told me to
* Flexibility – Growth/Reduction in size and features
* Features (UC, team collab, CC) – can’t get on existing system or may not want to spend any more money with them
* Cost – Too expensive to keep operating/support
* Reliability
* Lack of Support/EOL
* Management/SLA

2. ROI/TCO – Does Project move forward?
* Hard Calculations
--Supporting infrastructure (cabling, network, IDF)
--Annual maintenance of the phone system?
--Monthly Audio/Video/Web Conferencing costs?
--Monthly Trunking, Toll/Long distance/International Calling costs?
--Contact center costs
--Support costs (personnel)
--Onetime costs (implementation, training, maybe phones)
* Soft Calculations
--UC/Team Collab Productivity
--Travel avoidance
--Opportunity Costs

Part II
3. Starting Point
* Is supporting infrastructure in place? Important for very old (TDM) systems (Cabling, network, POE)
* Security
* Options to improve:
--Assume there is a serviceable system in place, keep core voice + looking to add UC features (Hybrid?)
--Or Wholesale replacement (Maybe both approaches of prem and cloud)
* Contact Center?
* UC vs. Team Collab
* How much web conferencing, video?

4. How to procure?
* RFP or other Comparison?
* Questionnaire (Review 4 or 5 page Questionnaire)

5. Which vendors to use in comparison?
* Microsoft
--Assume some level of MS licensing exists?
* Mitel
* Broadsoft vendor
* Cisco – Problematic – Spark immature for voice, need HCS vendor?
* UCaaS vendors

6. What approach to use?
* Heterogeneous or Best of Breed to add cloud based UC (Hybrid)
* Wholesale replace Public Cloud (Private Cloud)
* What are the differences?
--Team Collab
--Actual Hybrid functionality (homogeneous/heterogeneous)
* Who is gaining share? (MS, Cisco, Broadsoft)
--How to do Apples to Apples
--Professional Services

7. Review Results/Comparisons
* This section will feature a review of a detailed examination and comparison of leading vendors

8. Vendor Panel to discuss