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The Enterprise Connect expert-led conference program will discuss the latest systems, software, services and applications for enterprise communications and collaboration. The conference is designed with one objective in mind: To help you optimize your investments in communications and collaboration systems, software and services. ALL TIMES LISTED ARE (U.S.) EASTERN TIME ZONE.

Re-building the WAN for the Post-Pandemic Office


Sanjay Srinivasan  (VP & Chief Architect, Vonage)

John Macario  (Senior Vice President Channel Marketing, Ribbon)

William Eborall  (Assistant Vice President, Edge Solutions Product Marketing Management, AT&T)


Joe Schmidt  (Director, TC2 TechCaliber Consulting LLC)

Date: Wednesday, September 29

Time: 12:45pm - 1:30pm

Track : Management, Networks & Security

Session Type: Virtual Conference Session

Vault Recording: TBD

After sitting nearly empty for more than a year, offices are poised for transformation as enterprises revisit their approach to where work gets done. This change will have profound impact on how your enterprise consumes wide-area bandwidth: If you’re closing offices, changing how remaining offices are used (and by whom), or moving to a more diffuse SD-WAN and Internet first model of offices, your WAN picture just got much more complicated. So what do you do to make sure you provide adequate bandwidth for the way your offices and employees will work moving forward—without busting the budget or compromising quality? In this session, a leading consultant specializing in service provider contracts will help you understand how to rebuild your WAN to fit your new reality. You’ll come away with practical tips on technology decisions and contracting strategies that can help you navigate.


  • How should you start revisiting your WAN strategy to respond to changes in office use?
  • Which WAN technologies are most cost-effective in a future when bandwidth demand may be more dynamic and office configurations may be in flux?
  • With increased use of video becoming the norm, are you likely to need significantly more bandwidth compared to pre-pandemic for an office that serves essentially the same function?
  • What (if anything) can you do about legacy long-term contracts that no longer match your enterprise’s bandwidth usage patterns? How should you structure future contracts?