Real-World Enterprise Speech Tech Use Cases


Dave Michels (Founder and Principal Analyst, TalkingPointz)


Frenche Gilbert (Vendor Service Delivery Manager, BCBSNC)

Scott Moore (Quality Assurance, Hagerty)

Stacey Caster (Vice President of Technology Communications, Quicken Loans)

Brad Hazelbaker (Network & Telecommunications Manager, St. Elizabeth Healthcare)

Location: Osceola A

Date: Wednesday, March 14

Time: 4:00pm - 4:45pm

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Track: Speech Technologies

Vault Recording: TBD

Find out what early adopters have learned about the best ways to implement speech technologies in the enterprise, and where the pitfalls may lie.

From on-the-fly transcription to voice-activated digital assistance and deep dive call analytics, speech technologies are beginning to catch the attention of early enterprise adopters. These companies are reaping the value of speech technologies in a variety of ways. Some are harnessing the spoken word to empower users and streamline business processes, letting them use voice commands to schedule meetings, initiate phone calls, pull up customer records, and the like. Others see call logs as ripe sources for customer insight, analyzing contact center conversations to help prevent churn, find upsell opportunities, or identify product trends, for example. While others are keen on converting meeting recordings into searchable text for knowledge sharing.
In this session, early adopters will share how their organizations are benefitting from speech technologies today and how they might advance their use in the future.

* What are common use cases for different types of speech technologies? What about more advanced use cases?
* How do you identify when speech technologies would be suitable?
* What are the basic infrastructure and application requirements for the successful implementation of various speech technologies?
* Does the use of speech technologies call for a different approach to user adoption and training?
* How do you measure the benefits?
* What options and other considerations are worth keeping in mind regarding equipment and devices?
* What are the lessons learned and best practices advice?