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Regulation, Bias & Ethics in AI: Impact on Your Enterprise


Martha Buyer  (Attorney, Law Offices of Martha Buyer, PLLC)

Date: Wednesday, September 29

Time: 3:45pm - 4:30pm

Track : Practical AI

Session Type: Virtual Conference Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Unquestionably, AI can bring tremendous value to an organization. But equally unquestionable is that AI has a dark downside: Algorithms, including those used by conversational AI to predict a customer’s request, recommend a next step, or make a decision, come with an inherent bias. Regulators are beginning to take a hard look at AI bias, and your organization should, too.

In this session, get up to speed on federal action around AI, understand how bias comes into play, and learn how to approach AI use ethically.


  • A recap of federal steps taken around AI
  • An understanding of AI bias, including how it can manifest itself in your conversational bots
  • Questions to ask your providers about their AI algorithms
  • Guidance on how to approach the use of AI in an ethical way