SD-WAN: Catch the Next Wave of Cost Savings


Joseph Schmidt (Project Director, TechCaliber Consulting (TC2))

Anthony Mangino (Project Director, TechCaliber Consulting (TC2))


Josh Goodell (VP, Intelligent Edge, AT&T)

Paul Ruelas (Director of Product Management, Masergy)

Viraj Parekh (Director of Product Management and Development, Verizon)

Sanjay Srinivasan, PhD (Vice President and Chief Technology Architect Business Engineering, Vonage)

Location: Osceola B

Date: Wednesday, March 14

Time: 3:00pm - 3:45pm

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Track: Systems Management & Network Design

Hot Topic: SD-WAN

Vault Recording: TBD

With the promise of savings as high as 90%, are you ready to make the leap from MPLS? And what’s the best approach—DIY or a managed service?

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology is starting to roll out in enterprise deployments, and the cost savings can be impressive—if you trust it enough as a replacement for your tried-and-true MPLS. So how can you prepare your organization to take advantage of this new technology while not putting your connectivity (and job) at risk? In this session, a consultant whose firm has handled multiple SD-WAN engagements will help you understand where the technology is at today, and—critically—whether you should contract for a packaged, managed SD-WAN solution from a service provider, or go with a “DIY” solution in which you procure the circuits and deploy the SD-WAN hardware yourself. You’ll learn how SD-WAN saves you money, how to mitigate its risks, and how to evaluate your options as you consider the “make vs. buy” question. You’ll also learn about the new cast of characters you might be dealing with as you procure access circuits and, potentially, CPE for SD-WAN. You’ll come away prepared to chart your own course on your enterprise’s future SD-WAN journey.


* What are the elements of an SD-WAN system for the enterprise, and from whom can you procure these elements?

* What are the cost considerations in SD-WAN deployments, whether a provider’s managed service, or your own DIY effort?

* How much can SD-WAN save over legacy MPLS services, and what are the tradeoffs? How do you make sure you capture the promised savings?

* How are enterprises planning their SD-WAN migrations—are they experimenting with a handful of sites, or moving a substantial number of locations quickly?