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Securing Phone Numbers

Sorell Slaymaker (Principal Consulting Analyst, TechVision Research)

Walter Kenrich (Senior Director, Product Line Management, Ribbon Communications)

Date: Wednesday, April 1

Time: 2:00pm - 2:45pm

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Track: Management & Security

Hot Topic(s): Security

Vault Recording: TBD

Will you ever be able to trust your phone number and caller ID again? One of the oldest elements of communications technology—the phone number— is now a security vulnerability for enterprises. Whether it’s number spoofing, caller ID fraud, TDoS (telephony denial of service), or robocalling, hackers are breaching phone numbers to carry out attacks against contact centers and other parts of the enterprise, while robocalling, number spoofing and TDoS are getting more sophisticated and interfering with voice communications to customers as well as workers.

In this session, a leading communications security expert will set the stage on the challenge of securing phone numbers, and will lead a discussion with a panel of experts from some top UC security vendors on what you should be doing. You’ll come away with a better perspective on how to optimize your enterprise’s telephony security posture.


* Understand how caller ID fraud and number spoofing could threaten your contact center’s operations
* Learn how the epidemic of robocalling affects your enterprise and what you should be doing to manage this problem for corporate-liable devices
* Prevent TDoS attacks