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Step by Step Guide to Automating Your Network

Terry Slattery  (Principal Consultant, NetCraftsmen)

Date: Wednesday, August 5

Time: 3:30pm - 4:15pm

Session Category: Standard Conference Sessions

Vault Recording: TBD

Network automation is a promising trend but also one that enterprise managers are rightly cautious about implementing. How do you accomplish network automation in a way that lets you keep it under control? In this session, you’ll learn how to first get your network deployment consistent, and then apply automation tools, so as to avoid unforeseen consequences. You’ll learn about best practices and investigative tools that make sure your network is stable.


  • Understand what network automation can accomplish, and what the consequences of poorly- or hastily-deployed automation can be
  • Learn best practices for making sure that your network is stable and consistent before you deploy automation
  • Capture the step-by-step process that can prepare your network for a successful implementation of automation technologies

Video of this session is available on demand within the Swapcard platform for registered users. Free registration is open through December 2020.