Team Collab App Decision Factors: Enterprise Adopters Share Their Experiences


Blair Pleasant (President & Principal Analyst, COMMfusion LLC)


Phillip Miller (Director of Infrastructure & Technical Engineering, Brooks Brothers)

Richard Bugbee (Manager, IT, Unified Communications & Telecom, Charter Communications)

Joe Chambers (Senior Project Manager, Mott MacDonald)

Jeremy Lesch (Director of IT, Welltok)

Location: Sun B

Date: Monday, March 12

Time: 3:15pm - 4:00pm

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Track: Team Collaboration

Hot Topic: Decision Support

Vault Recording: TBD

Enterprise IT professionals share their team collaboration decision-making, deployment, and adoption stories.

Team collaboration applications are characterized by their ability to create persistent work spaces; serve as a place for team conversations (voice, video, email, and text, dependent on offering); enable content sharing; and provide a hub for integration with any number of business applications and workflows. As such, they have quickly gained mindshare as a critical enabling technology for the next-generation meeting experience and highly interactive, collaborative workforce. But these are early days for IT-led adoption on an enterprise scale. In this session, hear from enterprise IT peers who have been through the evaluation and decision process and have implemented or are in the process of rolling out a team collaboration solution to their business users. You'll come away with lessons learned and best practices advice for approaching your own decision and deployment.


  • There are so many choices for team collaboration applications. What are key decision factors to consider when weighing the options?
  • What's the best deployment strategy -- team by team, department by department, geography by geography, something else?
  • Do these applications replace and complement unified communications platforms? Which use cases work best for which application?
  • How do you encourage and ensure user adoption?
  • What are the hidden gotchas and nicest surprises?