Team Collaboration Applications: Market Overview


Diane Myers (Senior Research Director, IHS Markit)


Val Agostino (Senior Director of Product Management, Cisco)

Dan Stevenson (Principal GPM, Microsoft)

Richard Townhill (VP of Product Management, Video, RingCentral)

Holger Stotz (Director OpenScape Cloud and Circuit North America, Unify)

Location: Sun B

Date: Monday, March 12

Time: 2:15pm - 3:00pm

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Track: Team Collaboration

Hot Topic: Decision Support

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A leading market research analyst provides a status report on the team collaboration market landscape and outlines key evaluation criteria to help in your decision-making process.

Team collaboration applications have moved from niche offering to part of broader set of UC capabilities. The market for team collaboration is a littered with providers of all types -- from single-product startups like Slack to enterprise software companies like Atlassian, social network specialists like Facebook, and Unified Communications providers like Cisco, Microsoft, and RingCentral. On one hand, that means plenty of choices, including a number of “free” options to get companies comfortable with the solutions. On the other hand, today's overabundance of team collaboration solutions can be confusing, slowing down corporate-wide adoption and leaving individual groups to bring in whatever tool best suits their needs.

This session will give you an overview of the team collaboration market landscape and go-to-market models -- free service, bundled with other services, or premium paid service -- and help you assess the value (or not) of bringing team collaboration into your communications solution set. With the guidance of a leading market research analyst, you'll come away with a deeper understanding of the state of the market, the information you need to decide if team collaboration has a place in your organization, and key evaluation criteria to help in your decision-making process.


* What categories of team collaboration tools are available today, and what sort of features and functionalities can you expect to find -- and from which providers?
* Does team collaboration stand by itself or is it more valuable to be integrated with other UC capabilities? What value does it give me over all the other tools I’m using today?
* Should team collaboration be bundled for “free” with other UC services or sold separately?
* Why should I pay for team collaboration instead of using a free offering?
* Is it important for businesses to have a corporate-wide team collaboration tool or does it make more sense for individual departments to contract for their own services to best fit their requirements?