Team Collaboration Growing Pains

Zeus Kerravala (Principal Analyst, ZK Research)

Christina Kosmowski (Head of the Global Customer Success & Services, Slack)

Location: Osceola A

Date: Monday, March 18

Time: 9:00am - 9:45am

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Track: Team Collaboration Tools & Workspaces

Technical Level: Medium

Session Type: Conference

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Medium

Team collaboration applications have rapidly moved from yet another niche offering to part of broader set of unified communication (UC) capabilities offered within the enterprise. In fact, team collaboration apps are becoming the point of convergence for all modes of communications, from voice to email, chat, messaging, and audio/Web/video conferencing –a single platform that organizes multiple communication threads into meaningful streams. / This session will give you a status update of the team collaboration market landscape, service capabilities, and purchase models, as well as help you assess the value (or not) of making team collaboration the core communications platform for your company. With the guidance of a leading market research analyst, you'll come away with a deeper understanding of what team collaboration can bring to your organization, implementation options, and key evaluation criteria to help in your decision-making process.


* What categories of team collaboration tools are available today, and what sort of features and functionalities can you expect to find -- and from what type of providers?

* Is team collaboration more valuable as an integrated tool with other UC capabilities? What value does it give me over all the other tools I’m using today?

* Can team collaboration replace fundamental tools, including email, telephony, and conferencing?

* What purchase and cost models are available for team collaboration?

* How important is corporate culture in the adoption of