Tutorial: The Transformative Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on UC

Dr. Joseph Williams (Analyst, BC Strategies)

Date: Monday, March 18

Time: 8:00am - 8:45am

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Track: AI & Speech Technologies

Technical Level: Medium

Hot Topics: Artificial Intelligence & Analytics

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Medium

These days artificial intelligence (AI) is being applied in almost all industries, and the communications space is no exception, as AI is now used in everything from fraud detection and call routing to customer service and predictive analytics. Significant progress is now being made on the ability to substitute AI for first-tier customer contact, which has the potential to severely disrupt the current call center model. / The state of AI is evolving. In some applications today, the AI can perform a specific task better than a human, but cannot generally outperform a human across multiple tasks. Nevertheless, several interesting scenarios are now available to communications, generally involving speech and reasoning. Longer-term, as robotics improves, sight and mobility scenarios will also impact communications offerings.

This tutorial will provide a brief overview of artificial intelligence, then will drill down into specific applications in the communications field that leverage natural language processing, reasoning, and learning to enhance products and services today and promise to totally disrupt these products and services in the near future. The tutorial will take a business and product architecture approach (i.e., no coding), and will conclude with a discussion of some regulatory gotchas to avoid.

* Knowledge of what small AI startups are up to in the communications field
* How their vision of AI will disrupt traditional communications vendors
* What enterprises are going to look for in AI-enabled communications products
* Legal and regulatory factors to consider when AI shows up in your shop.