UCaaS Access: Which On-Ramp Should You Take to the Cloud?


Rafael Benitez (Research Director, Gartner)

Location: Osceola B

Date: Monday, March 12

Time: 2:15pm - 3:00pm

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Track: Cloud Communications

Vault Recording: TBD

What WAN strategy is best for filling out your UCaaS architecture?

A UCaaS implementation is only as strong as its weakest link, which means that the WAN you use to access a Cloud Communications service must be as good as the service itself. So how do you ensure that the access/transport links you use to connect to a UCaaS provider’s cloud can deliver the quality you require? In this session, a Gartner analyst will share his advice and best practices for selecting WAN services for UCaaS access. You’ll learn which technologies you should explore, what types of WAN providers you should talk to, and how to make sure that WAN service levels provide enterprise-grade quality while still fitting into the budget for your UCaaS migration. You’ll come away better prepared to plan for a UCaaS implementation, understanding how to ensure end-to-end quality of service.

* What WAN technologies are appropriate for connecting to a UCaaS service? Which options are you likely to be presented with, and how might these options differ depending on the size and architecture of the planned UCaaS implementation? How might the WAN portion of a hybrid Cloud Communications architecture differ from a pure Cloud scenario?
* How are WAN procurements typically handled when an enterprise is migrating to UCaaS? Can UCaaS providers bundle WAN access in with their Cloud offering, and is this necessarily the best choice?
* How do you match your quality and resiliency requirements for a UCaaS service with the WAN access that connects you to that service? How do you align SLAs for the two portions of the implementation?
* How do you factor in cost when making decisions about WAN access for a UCaaS implementation?