UCaaS: Contending with Vendor Lock-in and Consolidation Woes


Diane Myers (Senior Research Director, IHS Markit)


Bryan Martin (Chairman and CTO, 8x8)

Mark Straton (Vice President of Product Marketing and Influencer Relations, BroadSoft)

Eric Hanson (VP of Product Marketing, Fuze)

Nicole Bogard (Director, Solutions Marketing, Mitel)

Marcus Schmidt (Senior Director of Product Management, West)

Location: Osceola A

Date: Tuesday, March 13

Time: 8:00am - 8:45am

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Track: Cloud Communications

Hot Topic: Decision Support

Vault Recording: TBD

With the guidance of a leading market research analyst, learn how to assure delivery of quality UC services with minimal disruption should your provider be swept up in or generating the consolidation wave.

Avoiding vendor lock-in when going the UCaaS route, taking service capabilities, broadband requirements, mobility, desktop devices, and third-party application integration into account, is difficult -- if not impossible. Your choice isn't made any easier considering that well over 100 providers sell UCaaS solutions in North America alone. The crowded market ensures consolidation -- among large and small providers -- will continue for at least the next three years, mixing marketplace uncertainty into your challenge.

This session will give you insights on how to make the right choice in face of vendor lock-in and volatile market conditions, and suggest precautions to take just in case you eventually do find your vendor in the middle of an acquisition. Not all consolidation ends up being bad for the customer; in many cases, it’s a positive, but it often comes with pain points. With the guidance of a leading market research analyst, you’ll come away with insights on ways to navigate vendor consolidation that allow your company to maintain quality UC services with minimal disruption.

* What are key criteria businesses should be utilizing when evaluating UCaaS providers?
*Are businesses completely “locked-in” when they work with UCaaS provider?
* When your UCaaS provider is acquired (or is doing the buying) what should you do to minimize disruption to your business?
* How should customers of an acquired UCaaS provider ensure their unique requirements aren’t overlooked?