Video and A/V Managed Services: New Offerings Address New Enterprise Requirements


Ira Weinstein (Managing Partner, Recon Research, Inc.)


Chris Bottger (VP, AVI-SPL)

Brad Sousa (CTO, AVI Systems)

David Danto (Principal Consultant, Dimension Data)

Raymond Alves (Chief Solutions Officer, Kinly)

Ivan Montoya (VP - Marketing and Business Development, Vyopta)

Location: Sun B

Date: Tuesday, March 13

Time: 1:45pm - 2:45pm

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Track: Video Collaboration & A/V

Vault Recording: TBD

Today’s managed service offerings provide more than just outsourced staff. They bring best practices, efficiency, and new technologies to the table.

Welcome to the reboot of video and A/V managed services. Back in the day, managed services was predominantly about handing off the burden (and responsibility) of the day to day, mundane tasks needed to keep a video conferencing environment running. In most cases, this meant more labor than finesse.

But a new crop of providers are offering far more than access to skilled people. These players have developed processes and platforms that bring efficiency, scalability, predictability, and accountability to the global A/V and video estate. The secret sauce is a mixture of advanced monitoring, process automation, and integration with other systems. Whether you’re treading water or under water with your meeting room environment, this session will open your eyes into a new world of business-grade video and AV.

* What problems can a managed service solve?
* What are the differences between offerings? How can I choose responsibly?
* What impact (good or bad) will a managed service have on my A/V and video environment?
* Do I really need a managed service provider? Can’t we do this ourselves?
* If I activate a managed service provider, am I flying blind? How transparent are these services?
* Will a managed service save me money or cost me money? Is there a calculable ROI?