Video Conferencing in the Cloud: The Real Story

Andrew Davis (Contributing Analyst, Recon Research)

Michael Helmbrecht (Chief Operating Officer, Lifesize)

Location: Sun B

Date: Monday, March 18

Time: 1:00pm - 1:45pm

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Track: Video Collaboration & AV

Technical Level: Medium

Session Type: Conference

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Medium

Owning and managing your own video conferencing environment is so … old school. Or is it? And the word on the street is that cloud solves everything. But does it? This “tell it like it is” session, led by a leading industry analyst, digs into the pros and cons of cloud-based video conferencing: Not just the sales pitches--the reality of what you gain (and what you might have to give up) if you go take the VC-as-a-Service plunge.

* Will we save money by shifting our video to the cloud?
* How secure are meetings hosted on a shared cloud server? Should I be concerned?
* If something goes wrong, who do my users call? Who does our support team call?
* If we use a cloud video service, do we have to abandon our other systems?
* Is there a hybrid story here? Can we shift to the cloud gradually?
* If cloud video is so great, why are so many large enterprises still using on-premises video?