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The Enterprise Connect expert-led conference program will discuss the latest systems, software, services and applications for enterprise communications and collaboration. The conference is designed with one objective in mind: To help you optimize your investments in communications and collaboration systems, software and services. ALL TIMES LISTED ARE (U.S.) EASTERN TIME ZONE.

Well-being and Productivity – The Promised Land of Employee Experience Platforms (EXPs)


Johnny Russ  (General Manager, EmployeeXM, Qualtrics)


Tim Banting  (Senior Principal Analyst, Omdia)

Date: Monday, September 27

Time: 9:00am - 9:45am

Track : Workplace Strategies

Session Type: Virtual Conference Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Understanding how engaged and productive employees are with technology has been notoriously difficult to quantify, but things are starting to change. A new wave of employee experience platforms is emerging which measures end-user application usage and experience data to identify how the workforce interacts with the tools they use. In this session, a leading industry analyst will share an overview of these new EXP platforms, discuss why it’s important to garner a full picture of the user experience, and describe how businesses can better support their workforce and take appropriate action based on information provided by EXPs.


  • What’s the definition of an EXP, and what are its key attributes?
  • What are the leading EXPs in the market today, and where can we expect more development?
  • What do EXPs measure, what information do they provide to IT administrators and business leaders, and how can these leaders act on that information?
  • What are the current limitations of EXPs in accurately portraying employee experience, and what must vendors do to overcome these?