What Is Ideation—And Why Should You Care?

Ira Weinstein (Managing Partner, Recon Research)

Date: Tuesday, March 19

Time: 8:00am - 8:45am

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Track: Video Collaboration & AV

Technical Level: Low

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Millions of meeting rooms still have dry erase boards: They’re cheap. They’re easy. And they work. But in today’s distributed work environment, dry erase boards just can’t do the job. Ideation solutions take the old-school white board to the next level, allowing multiple people to draw, annotate, and collaborate simultaneously--regardless of location, device, or network. In short, they bring the power of your people to bear--in real time. This session will provide information and insight into the various solutions available today, and how they can help your organization realize a competitive edge.

* Is ideation really new or is this all just vendor hype?
* I thought we tried this already with digital whiteboards? How is this different?
* Is there really an ROI on an investment in ideation?
* Is ideation its own solution or a feature within other solutions?
* What do I get if I spend more? What do I lose if I spend less?
* How many ideation systems do we really need?