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What It Really Takes to Put AI to Work in Your Contact Center

Brent Kelly (President and Principal Analyst, KelCor)

Date: Tuesday, March 19

Time: 8:00am - 8:45am

Pass Type: Entire Event, Tue-Thu Conference - Get your pass now!

Track: Contact Center & Customer Experience

Technical Level: Medium

Hot Topics: Artificial Intelligence & Analytics

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Medium

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is promoted as a technology that can significantly enhance your contact center performance. From intelligent chat bots and next-best agent action to behavioral pairing and natural language parsing, AI is at work enabling better customer experiences and more efficient contact center operations. But how does it really work, and more importantly, how do you make it work for you to enhance your customer engagement capabilities?

This session will take a high-level, technical approach to examining how to make AI really work in your contact center, and what you have to do to enable it. We will focus on three different use cases: 1) Intelligent Chat Bots, 2) Next Best Action, and 3) Behavioral Pairing. Furthermore, we will discuss what you need to do and which data you must have available should you wish to integrate your contact center with Google Contact Center, an opportunity many of the contact center vendors have recently promoted. We will deeply examine real examples of how AI has been used effectively in the contact center and dissect what was required to make it work.You will go home with a practical understanding of how to make AI work in your contact center.

* How can AI enhance your contact center performance?
* What do you need to have in place in terms of data, personnel, and infrastructure, to take advantage of the benefits AI can bring?
* How should you think about approaching development of AI-enabled intelligent bots, next best agent action, and behavioral customer-agent pairing?
* What is required to make Google Contact Center work for you so that your organization can realize the benefits that are being promoted by Google and its contact center partners?