Why You Should Embrace the API Movement


Justin Haefner (Collaboration Architect, Medtronic)

Location: Osceola A

Date: Tuesday, March 13

Time: 1:30pm - 2:45pm

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Track: APIs & Embedded Communications

Vault Recording: TBD

DIY isn’t just for home improvement. By empowering your teams to write code and use APIs, you can deliver better options and features to your end users.

Change doesn't come naturally to any of us, especially if you've been doing something (and doing it well) for years. So asking lifetime telecom or UC engineers to pick up a new skill like programming has its challenges. But with the DIY developer trend comes an "I can solve my own problem" mentality that empowers the communications team and ends the cycle of having to wait on a vendor's next release.

Based on his real-world experience with internal hackathons at Medtronic, a collaboration architect will share insights on the current API landscape, give use case examples, and lead a discussion of why engineers and employers should embrace this shift in responsibility. You’ll come away from this interactive session with ideas of what you can do at your own company to get people motivated to solve their problems using code.

* What do telecom and UC engineers need to know about working with communications APIs?
* If your company doesn't already host internal hackathons, why should it? And if it does, what are the primary benefits of your involvement?
* What are some tried-and-true ways for ensuring your team's participation in hackathons and follow-up initiatives?
* What role do comms API/app development platform vendors play in an internal hackathon?
* What are some sample DIY use cases?