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Jonathan EisenzopfCTO & EVP StrategyDiscourse.ai

Jonathan is an expert in the Semantic Web, structured and unstructured knowledge extraction, speech recognition, and natural language conversational systems. Large enterprises have leveraged products that Jonathan led development on to save over $1B / year in costs through automation and customer service optimization. He was a member of the VoiceXML Forum (the W3C standard for interactive speech recognition systems) where he drove market adoption and standardization that disrupted a $3B market and grew a related product to $160M per year in revenue. He is co-author of RSS 1.0, a Semantic Web standard used by thousands of sites to syndicate content. His code runs in products from IBM, Cisco, Avaya, and Microsoft. Jonathan has deployed product and built executive relationships at more than 25 of the Fortune 100.

He has co-authored or been heavily involved in various standards and languages such as RSS, Perl, and VoiceXML. Currently he is utilizing technologies including NLP, machine learning, Spark, Redis, neural networks, and Hadoop in languages ranging from R, Julia, Scala, Perl, Node.js, Max, and Python. Visualization technologies he’s working with include Microsoft Power BI, D3.js, Tableau, SAS Visual Analytics, and Processing among others.

Jonathan’s life motto: Think differently, ask hard questions, blaze new paths, fail quickly, adapt often, never tire, keep learning, don’t fail alone, be data driven, beauty in simplicity.