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Steve LeadenFounder and PresidentLeaden Associates

Steve Leaden is founder and president of Leaden Associates, Inc., an independent communications and IT consulting firm in business 25 years. Leaden Associates provides specialized support to enterprises in unified communications, VoIP, contact centers, converged networks, and cloud-based architectures. Enterprises in the health care, education, manufacturing, financial services, publishing, and government market segments have come to rely on Leaden's team for best-in-class designs, implementations, and the expertise to minimize risk associated with medium- to large-scale enterprise implementations.Steve's firm has performed strategic planning, needs assessments, procurements, project management, and ongoing support of national and international VoIP/UC and contact center specific projects. Steve's firm drives ROI for clients and promotes enhancements to core business strategies leveraging UC-based technologies.Steve is a frequent speaker at national trade shows including Enterprise Connect, UC Strategies UC Summit, Information Week, national vendor and user conferences, and the Voice Report among others. Steve is a contributor and blogger for No Jitter, is recognized as a UCStrategies.com expert, and contributes to UCStrategies weekly via podcasts and monthly posts. Steve is a past president of the Society of Communications and Technology Consultants, a national association that requires ethics and objectivity as a prerequisite for membership.