Arnold, Jon

Title: Princial

Company: J Arnold & Associates


Banting, Tim

Title: Principal Analyst

Company: GlobalData

Bartlett, John

Title: Sr. Business Development Director, Professional and Managed Services

Company: Polycom

Burbick, Michelle

Title: Program Coordinator / Associate Editor

Company: Enterprise Connect / No Jitter

Burton, Jim

Title: Founder & CEO / Co-Founder

Company: C=T Link / BCStrategies


Chang, Amy

Title: SVP, Collaboration Technology Group

Company: Cisco


Danto, David

Title: Principal Consultant

Company: Dimension Data Enterprise

Davis, Andrew

Title: Contributing Analyst

Company: Recon Research

De Kouchkovsky, Nicolas

Title: Principal

Company: CaCube Consulting

DeMaio, Pasquale

Title: General Manager of Amazon Connect

Company: Amazon


Edholm, Phil

Title: President and Founder

Company: PKE Consulting


Finneran, Michael

Title: President

Company: dBrn Associates


Gareiss, Robin

Title: Founder and President

Company: Nemertes Research

Goodhart, Dennis

Title: Managing Director, New York Metro Office

Company: Abilita

Grothe, Barb

Title: Senior Consultant

Company: The BAZ Group


Harris, Robert

Title: President

Company: Communications Advantage, Inc.

Hong, Daniel

Title: Research Director/VP

Company: Forrester


Indig, Yehuda

Title: Analyst & Consultant

Company: Recon Research


Kelly, Brent

Title: President and Principal Analyst

Company: KelCor

Kerravala, Zeus

Title: Principal Analyst

Company: ZK Research

Kieller, Kevin

Title: Partner

Company: enableUC

Krapf, Eric

Title: GM & Program Co-Chair / Publisher

Company: Enterprise Connect / No Jitter


Lazar, Irwin

Title: Vice President and Service Director

Company: Nemertes Research

Leaden, Steve

Title: President

Company: Leaden Associates


Marron, Chris

Title: Analyst

Company: MZA

McGee-Smith, Sheila

Title: President and Principal Analyst

Company: McGee-Smith Analytics

Michels, Dave

Title: Principal Analyst

Company: TalkingPointz

Myers, Diane

Title: Senior Research Director

Company: IHS Markit


Parker, Marty

Title: Principal Consultant

Company: UniComm Consulting

Pleasant, Blair

Title: President & Principal Analyst

Company: COMMfusion LLC

Popova, Elka

Title: Vice President and Senior Fellow, Connected Work andDigital Experience | Digital Transformation

Company: Frost & Sullivan


Quayle, Alan

Title: Founder

Company: TADHack


Schmidt, Joseph

Title: Project Director

Company: TechCaliber Consulting

Schoeller, Art

Title: VP and Principal Analyst

Company: Forrester Research

Schultz, Beth

Title: Editor / Program Co-Chair

Company: No Jitter / Enterprise Connect

Simmons, JR

Title: President

Company: COMgroup

Slattery, Terry

Title: Principal Architect

Company: NetCraftsmen

Slaymaker, Sorell

Title: Evangelist

Company: Unified IT Systems

Stein, Dave

Title: Principal

Company: Stein Consulting Group

Swartz, Melissa

Title: Founder

Company: Swartz Consulting, LLC


Thompson, Jeff

Title: CEO

Company: ProdAdvisory


Weinstein, Ira

Title: Managing Partner

Company: Recon Research

Williams, Dr. Joseph

Title: Analyst

Company: BC Strategies

Wright, Lori

Title: General Manager, Microsoft Teams and Skype Marketing

Company: Microsoft